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Creative eBooks

Creative eBooks


Q. What is an "eBook"?
A. "eBook" stands for electronic book which can be read, distribute and download on computers/devices.

Q. What are the advantages of eBooks over regular books?

A. The cost of producing & distributing of eBooks are much less, therefore it cost to costumer less. Typically, eBooks are distributed via internet by downloading them to the computers/devices. It is a one time investment for creating eBook format of which thousand of copies could be sold globally through online retailers or via internet.

Q. Which are the main eBook formats?
A. ePUB & mobi are the two main format of eBooks which is compatible or accepted to almost all the available devices/readers and major online reailers respectively.

Q. How does the eBook domain function?
A. 1. You need to set account with us.
     2. You will provide your titles in PDF/INDD/Quark/DOC/Hardcopy format which will get converted by our in-house staffs.
     3. If you have already converted your titles into ePUB/mobi/ePDF formats, you can upload directly to our FTP.
     4. We will then distribute them to retailers like iBookstore, Amazon store, Barnes & Nobles store, Kobo.
     5. Sales report will be updated/shared monthly.
     6. Creativeebooks will send you the payments via Transfer/Cheque.

Q. Can you convert our titles into eBook formats?
A. Yes. Our inhouse expert team will convert your titles into eBook formats.

Q. Can I set the pricing for my eBooks?

A. Yes, you can set your pricing for each title.

Q. Where will my books be distributed?
A. You books will be distributed to:
     bullets Apple iBookstore - iPAD, iPhone, iPOD eReaders
     bullets Amazon Kindle Store - Kindle, KindleTouch, KindleFire eReaders
     bullets Barnes & Nobles Store - Nook eReaders
     bullets Kobo eBook Store - Kobo Touch, Kobo VOX

Q. How can I protect my eBooks?
A. With 'Digital Right Management' (DRM) option, you can protect your eBooks title.

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